Sunday, 4 November 2012

Entry #15

Since the wards and branches located in our mission do not receive direct broadcasts of general conference they wait a few weeks and play a DVD that has the sessions of conference. Today is the day that they used a TV and presented the sessions to the ward members. They opened the meeting and administered the sacrament and then they presented the Saturday afternoon session of conference and then took a break for some refreshment and then watched the Sunday morning session of conference. We were impressed by their focus and attention to the conference. They are very faithful members of the church. The presentation was in English; however it is our understanding that presentations in other wards and branches in the area were in Twi – so we were glad that this ward presentation was in English so we could understand and participate. The spirit was very strong and the members really soaked it up and were so happy to hear the prophet and the apostles and other general authorities speak.

Mom and Dad

Mission home guard and physical facilities guys working to furnish new missionary apartment – This is a new truck. When he gets his canopy on the back he will have loads tied to the top – really packs it in. In the top of the picture is the big generator for the mission home. It has to be turned on at least once and sometimes five times a day because the power is constantly going on and off. Think what it does to the office machinery. We’re just grateful for a that generator.

Corn planted around the mission home by the housekeeper and mission home cook – Veronica. Corn stalks are over 12 feet high. This is field corn not sweet corn. All they eat is field corn and boy, it’s tough! We don’t eat it.

Members of Asokwa Ward between sessions of General Conference
Ward members at Asokwa ward during break between sessions of General Conference. We were there from 9 am until 2 pm. All we have are open windows and ceiling fans. By 2 it was really getting quite hot. We are into the hot season.

Our adopted granddaughters – Lynette, Joyce and Elizabeth. The break between sessions of General Conference. They always seek us out and sit by us in church. We usually give them a ride home after the meetings.

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