Monday, 25 March 2013

Entry #24

 Just thought I would share some interesting pictures of events and scenes in our lives.


Mom and Dad

This past week we had our Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Dickson. This is us at one of the four groups of meetings with the missionaries. Sister Palmer is sitting next to Sister and Elder Dickson. Great group!

We also had seven new missionaries come into our mission. Five are from the US, one from Namibia and the sister from Ghana – with their trainers. Also are the Assistants to the President and Pres. & Sister Holmes.

On the way to the mission home is a display of shoes – a shoe shop on the curb. I’m quite sure they are in pairs.
This is our favorite sister – we call her Sister Revista. She is selling packets of water (on her head) wearing a protective vest with Revista on it. Every morning when she walks by us as we are waiting at the stop light, she always smiles really big and we say good morning. The little boy on the right is in his school uniform. The van going to the right is filled with people – a Tro-tro – like a mini bus. The van in front of us is a Tro-tro.

Here are some cute little girls in front of the mission home where our office is. They are in their school uniforms.

More uniforms. These girls are getting their breakfast on the street corner before they go on to school – fast food.

Here is a vegetable and fruit stand where we stop and buy various vegetables. We take them home and wash them in bleach – lettuce, green peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, apples, etc.

Here you can buy any kind of hub cap for your car. I’m not sure they have 4 of the same, but if you’re missing one maybe you can find a match!

Now here you can buy some smoked and roasted stretched grass cutter (like a big rat) or some fish. Boy does it stink! And people eat this stuff. Wish I could send the smell to you. This is across from the Kumasi Post Office.

This lady was sitting on a street corner sewing a dress and selling her wares under her large umbrella. It took her only two hours to make it with her hand crank machine. And these machines are very portable. What a seamstress!

And carry everything on their heads. Just look how he stacked those stools so he could carry lots of them. In the background is typical – a cement wall with a big iron gate around a nice home.

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