Sunday, 15 September 2013

Entry #37

Dear Family and Friends

While we only have 9 weeks left here in Ghana (but who is counting), we have a full plate of duties for those few weeks.  We have a new senior couple arriving this coming week – the Olsons who are from Gilbert, Arizona – the Val Vista Lake Area, who will have to get acclimated to a new environment and get situated.  We then plan a trip to the temple in Accra in two weeks and while in Accra where the West Africa Area Offices are we will need to transact a lot of mission business as well as take care of a few personal items.  The following week we will be having another round of zone conferences with the missionaries.  We are increasing the number of mission zones from 7 to 9, which adds to the workload.   The week following the zone conferences we will have another leadership council meeting – training for all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders.  We then will follow that week with the arrival of 18 new missionaries and the departure of 12.  Whew, time will fly by!  All good stuff, for sure.

In November it is expected that the Ghana Kumasi Stake will be split at a stake conference scheduled for the16th and 17th of November.  This stake division will change the composition of some of the branches and units directly under the supervision of our mission as well.  It is anticipated that we will then establish two new districts within our mission – the Obuasi District and the Nkawkaw (pronounced “N-coco”) District.  This stake division will be probably be one of the last things we will be able to be a part of before we depart to the United States.

We do see the Palmer name around a few places.  The pictures below show the “Palmer Clinic” and the “Palmer Palace”.  A bit amusing to us anyway.

We continue to make weekly trips to Obuasi to help train and strengthen these two branches in anticipation of them becoming 4 branches and then a district in the near future.  We are getting a second chapel ready for additional units in that area.  The picture below shows the second chapel that is being renovated for use as a church building.  We are with Elders Blackburn and Cockrum.

This past week we conducted some training for all of the Elders Quorum Presidents from the various branches in our mission.  We were humbled by the devotion of these men.  Most have been members of the church only 2 to 5 years and have limited means, but they still sacrificed time and money to travel into Kumasi for training.  They always show up in their white shirts and ties and are ever so grateful for the opportunity to know more about their duties.  They are like sponges – soaking up every morsel of information and taking meticulous notes.  We were impressed with how many have non-member spouses and how saddened they were that their wives would not join them in their love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Two or three of these brethren who are married to non-member spouses pleaded with us
to pray for them and their families.  Today, while in Obuasi, one of these quorum presidents specifically ask if we remembered to pray for him and his wife and his family.  He pleaded for us to do so and made sure we had his name correct as we pleaded with the Lord to bless him and his family.  The faith and the humility of these men brought lumps to our throats and desires in our hearts to try to be more like them.

We love to hear from each of you and know what is going on with your families.  We are so thankful for the many blessings that the Lord has poured out upon us and you.It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless each of you.  May you also remember to stay close to the Lord and feel of his great love and peace.

Love Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Rodney and Mary Joyce

Road side tool shop – Ghana’s version of Home Depot – lots of little shops like these along the streets.

The Palmer Clinic in Kumasi – couldn’t resist taking a picture

The recent group of missionaries returning to their home – 2 from the United States and 7 from Africa.

Mama Ghana (MJ) and four Sister Missionaries – Great missionaries that live near us.

Mama Ghana (MJ) and Andy – great church member that lives near us – always happy Andy.

Palmers Palace in Obuasi  – once again could not resist taking a picture.

Dad, Elder Cockrum and Elder Blackburn at new Obuasi church building being renovated – will open soon!

Lush Jungle

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