Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Entry #40

Hello family and friends,

For several months we have been planning a trip to the temple in Accra. Finally we were able to go. On Monday, October 7, we and the other Senior Couple, Elder & Sister Reiss, traveled to Accra. We arrived and were able to take care of some business that needed to be done for the mission. That evening we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get some dinner. Unfortunately they were out of ketchup and cold slaw, but we still wanted to enjoy a little bit of home. Since we were staying overnight in the temple ancillary building, we took our chicken and fries to the dinning room there and ate and relaxed. Then the next day, Tuesday, we got up and went to the 8 am session at the temple. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place and really enjoyed being there. The Celestial Room has a thick soft blue sculptured carpet and a beautiful huge chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. The accents are in gold and echo the African theme. Even the furniture legs are in the form of lion’s feet. It is very beautiful.

Coincidentally, we were in a session with some of the missionaries who were training at the MTC there who were coming to our mission the next week. We had 17 assigned to come and met about 7 of them. We have so many great young men and love them all for their desire to serve. They are so eager and glad to be here. The Lord has greatly blessed us.

As you may remember, I volunteered to crochet an alter cloth for the temple here in Accra, Ghana. I presented it in February. They liked it so much that they asked me to make another one for them and I said I would – I had time, 9 more months before we would be going home. So, I started working on one – different than the first. Well, I finished it in September and I took it with us to the temple on this trip. I was able to present the second one to Sister Afful, a Ghanaian, the matron of the temple. She was very grateful to me for making it and asked if I would crochet two large doilies for their round tables in the temple. I wasn’t sure I could get them done since time was getting short, but I told her I would try. When we got back to Kumasi, I found some patterns and started making a doily, not knowing how long it would take me. Well, I finished the first one today, the 28thone before we leave (3 weeks). If I don’t finish it I will mail it to her. But, she will have one of the two. Included are pictures of the second alter cloth and the doily. It is such an honor to be able to do this and to leave something I’ve made behind in the Ghanaian temple. I am so grateful that I was able to get the materials to do this – it was truly a miracle as I described in the blog in March. Now, on to making the last doily before we leave for home!

We are saddened to be leaving so many good Ghanaian friends and missionaries from all over the world, but it will also be wonderful to be with our family and friends at home. We have much to do in preparation – our replacements will be here next week and we will be busy training them. They seem to be fantastic people.

We love you all, see you soon,

Elder & Sister Palmer, Dad & Mom, Rodney & Mary Joyce

At the entrance of the temple with some missionaries.

Missionaries across from the temple waiting for a ride back to the MTC.

Driving past the temple on Liberation Drive.

The alter cloth for the Accra Temple.
A close-up of the blocks.

The doily for the table at the temple.
A closer look – I just love the pattern.

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