Sunday, 18 August 2013

Entry #35

Dear Family and Friends

We once again sign in from Western Africa and hope all is going well for all of you – work, school, church callings, and all that is going on with your lives.  We wish David and Traci and their family the very best with their job change and move to Colorado.  We congratulate Trevor and Ashley on their expected new arrival next March.  We again congratulate Matt and Tana on their recent addition of their little guy and wish we were there to witness the blessing.  We continue to pray for Brooke as she continues to master the Spanish language as she serves in the Spanish speaking mission in California.  It is uplifting to know that the next generation is dedicated to serving the Lord.  We thrill to hear of your activities as you provide your monthly contributions to the family newsletters – The Dean Palmer Family Newsletter and the Rodney Palmer family newsletter.  We get a little jealous when we hear of some of your family outings and activities – wishing that we could share some of these times with you.

We travel each Sunday to Obuasi now.  We have been asked to help prepare this area for the formation of a new District.  There are two branches of the church in this area now and we anticipate forming two additional branches in the next few weeks and one group.  They will then be ready to be a District and in the not too distant future become a Stake.

We have made many friends as we have taken care of mission business.  We have a couple of people that we regularly see at a place where we shop for groceries that are so excited when we come to shop that they jump up and down and want to talk about our family and what we are doing.  Some of it is because they seldom see a white person and some of it is because of the large family that we have.  The one young lady, named Bernice, insisted on getting a picture of our family.  We provided her a large printed copy of our family with her name on it and she says she placed it in her bedroom so she sees it the very first thing when she gets up.  Almost embarrassed us, but she is so full of energy and so fun to be around we go along with her.  She almost embarrasses us, but she’s fun to be around.  A picture of her and the security guard is below.We continue to pray for the Lord’s greatest blessings to be upon each of you.

Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Rodney, Mary Joyce

Over flow class – Outside at the Bibiani Branch (youth class)

Elders serving in the Bibiani Branch – with one of the little babies from the branch – Elder Ruske’s father sings in the TabernacleChoir.

We are intrigued by the religious references in their places of business – i.e. Sewing Shop above

Carefully stacked nuts (must take hours) on a street vendors plate

Bishop’s wife – Sister Ainewson – with Mom in her Ghananian dress (she furnished the material).

Sister Rockson – who made the Ghanaian dress for Mom

Mom, Berniece, Dad, Security Guard

It is no wonder that some of the mail doesn’t make it to its destination – Kumasi Post Officis he – she hand stamping and sorting into piles.

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