Monday, 5 August 2013

Heaven Sent Telephone Number in Ghana

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 Edna Banaah, Elder Jakolby Sagers (Oakley, Idaho, USA) and Edna Banaah and Elder Aaron Stentzel (Murray, Utah, USA) – Ghana Kumasi Mission

While laboring in the city of Kumasi, located in the Ghana Kumasi Mission, Elder Sagers and Elder Stentzel met a woman named Edna who is from the Northern Region of Ghana.  Edna stays in a small room with two others.  One night as they were sleeping, Edna heard a voice calling her name. She woke up to find no one, but could still hear the voice. She woke the others up and asked if they could hear the voice, but they responded that they could hear nothing. The next night, while fast asleep, the same voice called her name and woke her up again. This time, the voice told her to call a certain number and repeated the number 3 times. She again awakened her roommates, but again, they heard nothing. The third night, while fast asleep, the voice woke her up again.  As she awakened, the room illuminated and the voice once again repeated the message 3 times, called her name and told her to call the number. This time she took it seriously. She knew she must call the number. She then slept, and as she woke to call the number, she could not remember the number. She prayed and prayed that the number would come back into her mind. As she prayed, the number that was spoken to her appeared in her mind. Edna then called the number which was given to her and was the telephone number for Elder Sagers and Elder Stentzel in Kumasi, Ghana.  Elder Sagers answered the phone and Edna asked him if he was a pastor.  Elder Sagers responded that he was not a pastor, but was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She told Elder Sagers that she had a dream that she needed to call this number.  She told Elder Sagers that she lived in the Northern Region of Ghana, but she was coming down to Kumasi after school concluded.  She told Elder Sagers thather father died, so she would be coming to Kumasi that very week, after school, so she can work to earn money for her school fees. When she arrived in Kumasi she called Elder Sagers and Elder Stentzel, and said that she wanted to meet with them.  The missionaries arranged for a meeting the following Sunday.  Elder Sagers said they felt a sweet spirit about her and were able to sit down with her at a member’s shop and teach her the first lesson. After the lesson Elder Sagers and Elder Stentzel gave her a pamphlet and a copy of the Book of Mormon. She promised she would read them and pray. The missionaries found that Edna lived about two hours away from Kumasi and made the trip just to meet with them - because of her dream. The church does not have a church unit where she stays, but Elder Sagers told her that the church will soon be in a location close to her, and that she needs to prepare for when the church comes by reading the Book of Mormon and praying. Elder Sagers told her that when she sees missionaries from the church, she needs to stop them and listen to the message they have to share. It was a faith promoting experience for Elder Sagers, Elder Stentzel and Edna.

(Submitted by Elder Rodney D. Palmer – Elder Palmer and his wife Sister Mary Joyce Palmer presently serve as a senior couple in the Ghana Kumasi Mission)

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